Studio Picture Vehicles is a one-stop shop for all your picture car needs: Movie Cars, Police Cars, Taxis, Ambulances, ND Stunt Cars, Picture Cars, Video Vans, Motorcycles, Buses, Limos, SWAT Vans, etc., and if we don't have it, we'll make it. We are also full service and provide: Picture Vehicle Services, Studio Car Rental, Stunt Prep, Graphics Installation, Paint & Bodywork, Mechanics, Custom Fabrication, Upholstery, Transport Services, & Studio Equipment Rental.

Contact Us: (818) 765-1201

Picture Cars

Picture Cars

Police Cars Taxis Ambulances ND Stunt Cars Picture Cars Video Vans Motorcycles Buses Limos SWAT Vans Stunt Prep Graphics Installation Paint & Bodywork Mechanics Custom Fabrication Upholstery Transport Services Studio Equipment Rental

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