Keeping it all in the family since 1970

Stuntman/Coordinator Ken Fritz started Studio Picture Vehicles in 1970. His son, Kenny, came along a few years later and couldn't get enough of the race cars, police cars, and fire trucks that kept racing in and out of the lot. He had to know all about the cars. How could he get them to go so fast? to blow up? to look like they've been under water for years?

Kenny's not asking anymore. He knows the picture car business like his dad knows stunts. Tell Kenny what you want in your scene. He's got tricks to make it bigger that will probably save you money, too.

Studio Friendly Staff

Here at Studio Picture Vehicles, our staff are industry-minded professionals who have been with us for decades. They know the ins and outs of the movie and television business, and work with complete confidentiality. They also love cars and love to see them prepped right for your scenes!

Vehicles may not be exactly as displayed in our catalog.  Please call for current photos.

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