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About Studio Picture Vehicles

Stuntman/Coordinator Ken Fritz started Studio Picture Vehicles in 1970. A few years later, His son, Kenny, came along  and couldn't get enough of all the various types of cars that kept racing in and out of the lot. 

He wanted to know more about the industry; How could the vehicles go so fast? How could you blow them up? Or make them look like they've been under water for years?  Kenny's not asking anymore,  Kenny knows the picture car industry just like his dad knows stunts.

Tell Kenny what you want in your scene, He's got tricks to make it better and tips that will probably save you money too!

Ken Fritz started Fritz Custom Cars in 1970. He then started H.K. Custom Cars. Owning the two businesses and building cars for the Motion Picture Industry, he decided to start Studio Picture Vehicles, which the City of Los Angeles awarded for being "The oldest Picture Car Supplier in the Movie Industry".

Industry-Minded Professionals

Here at Studio Picture Vehicles, our staff are industry-minded professionals who have been with us for decades. They know the ins and outs of the movie and television business, and work with complete confidentiality. They also love cars and love to see them prepped right for your scenes!

One-Stop Shop for ALL Your Picture Car Needs

Studio Picture Vehicles is a one-stop shop for all your picture car needs: Movie Cars, Police Cars, Taxis, Ambulances, ND Stunt Cars, Picture Cars, Video Vans, Motorcycles, Buses, Limos, SWAT Vans, etc., and if we don't have it, we'll make it!  We are also full service and provide:

  • Picture Vehicle Services
  • Studio Car Rental
  • Stunt Prep
  • Graphics Installation
  • Paint & Bodywork
  •  Mechanics
  • Custom Fabrication
  •  Upholstery
  • Transport Services
  • Studio Equipment Rental