Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information do we need from you in order for us to better serve you?

    The main things we need to know for your initial inquiry is:  

    • Types of vehicles you are interested in (Please provide the vehicle SPV #)
    • Date you will be needing the vehicles
    • Location where we will need to transport the vehicles for you
    • How will you be using the vehicle
  2. How can I be sure a car is available?

    We cannot guarantee that a vehicle shown on the website will be available. You must contact us by email at office@studiopicturevehicles.com or by phone at (818) 765-1201.

  3. Can I have the decals on a car removed?

    Yes, we can remove any decals that are shown on a vehicle.

  4. Can I have decals put on a car?

    Yes, we can install custom decals on any vehicle.

  5. What if I need a car not shown on the website?

    If you don't see the vehicle that you are looking for on our website, contact us at (818) 765-1201 and we will try to locate the vehicle for you.

  6. Can I have a vehicle delivered?

    Yes, we can have the vehicles that you would like delivered to your destination.

  7. Can I have a car prepped for a stunt?

    Yes, we provide stunt prep.

  8. Do you provide upholstery services?

    Yes, we provide upholstery for vehicles.

  9. Do you provide custom fabrication?

    Yes, we provide custom fabrication.

  10. Do you rent studio equipment?

    Yes, we rent studio equipment.

  11. Do you have burned cars?

    Yes, we have burned cars, which will save you extra expenses such as permit fees, etc.